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HTS wire critical current database

We believe that the greatest contemporary impediment to the broader industrial uptake of high temperature superconducting technologies is a lack of detailed performance data on the commercially available wires. While wire manufacturers continue to supply minimal characterisation data on their products, often at only a single, largely irrelevant temperature, efficient use of the wire is rendered impossible, resulting in machine and device designs that are both uneconomical and that fail to take full advantage of the benefits (in terms of size, weight and performance) that superconductivity provides.

The databaseOpens in a new window linked via the image below is an attempt to remedy this situation. It provides detailed critical current characterisation data for superconducting wires sourced from many of the prominent manufacturers in a form that it is hoped will enable optimisation of the design of superconducting machines and devices, and thereby spur the uptake and further cost reduction of high temperature superconducting technologies. An interactive interfaceOpens in a new window enables convenient online browsing of the underlying data files.

The database is completely free to access, with the data offered under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) licence, providing minimal restriction to reuse. It is intended that the database will remain current and will be updated and expanded regularly.